Since August 2018, I have been an experimental post-doc working at Yale University with Prof. Jack Harris. With graduate students Jiaxin Yu (BA, Physics, Harvey Mudd ‘17) and Sean Frazier (BA, Physics, Princeton ‘12), I am building an experiment to create non-classical states of massive objects (~mg mass) and entangling a couple of them. This work builds on the versatile optomechanical system realized by Jack with Anya Kashnakova (PhD, Yale ‘18) and Alexey Shkarin (PhD, Yale ‘18), Charles Brown (PhD, Yale, soonish!) and Glen Harris (PhD, U of Queensland ‘15) — the massive object is a cylindrical chunk of superfulid Helium-4 bounded by optical and acoustic mirrors.

I was a Physics PhD (‘18) student at Cornell University working in the three labs of Prof. Mukund Vengalattore. My research focused on the study of open quantum systems — quantum systems that interact with their environment. Details

Even more previously
I hold a B.Tech. (2011) (equiv. to BS or BA) in Engineering Physics, with Honors, from the Department of Physics, IIT Bombay, as also a minor in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics, IIT, Bombay.