The criterion of the scientific status of a theory is its falsifiability, or refutability, or testability.
— Karl Popper

I research cold atoms and ultrahigh Q resonators, both individually and as coupled hybrid quantum systems...

I and our labs are working on novel methods to create, manipulate and read out quantum systems. Such systems are ideal platforms for shedding light on questions regarding non-equilibrium physics of isolated quantum systems, the physics of (quantum) measurement, quantum-enhanced sensors and tests of macroscopic quantum theory.

Previous works

  • Nondestructive imaging of cold atoms using Raman sideband imaging
  • Measurement induced localization of atoms in optical lattices
  • Nonlinear phonon interferometry at the Heisenberg limit
  • Understanding the dissipation in ultrahigh Q Silicon Nitride membrane resonators 
  • Reservoir engineering the isolation of Silicon Nitride membrane resonators
  • Thermomechanical squeezing in quantum compatible Silicon Nitride resonators