Thermomechanical two-mode squeezing in an ultrahigh Q membrane resonator

Y. S. Patil, S. Chakram, L. Chang, M. Vengalattore
Physical Review Letters, 115, 017202 (2015)
arXiv:1410.7109 (2014)



We realize a quantum-compatible multimode interaction in an ultrahigh Q mechanical resonator via a reservoir-mediated parametric coupling. We use this interaction to demonstrate nondegenerate parametric amplification and thermomechanical noise squeezing, finding excellent agreement with a theoretical model of this interaction over a large dynamic range. This realization of strong multimode nonlinearities in a mechanical platform compatible with quantum-limited optical detection and cooling makes this a powerful system for nonlinear approaches to quantum metrology, transduction between optical and phononic fields, and the quantum manipulation of phononic degrees of freedom.

Brief Overview

The random thermal motion of two distinct modes of a large membrane resonator are brought 'in sync' by creating a nonlinear interaction between the modes. Such 'two-mode squeezed states' present new opportunities for quantum metrology.


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